About Me

  • My name is Koko San. I am a Reiki Master Teacher since 2005 having learned from three different teachers: Oda Bogaire, Kanjini Dhevi and Cory Croymans.
  •  I am passionate about Reiki and Energy Medicine in general, and I try to transmit this passion to all my students.
  • I teach Reiki, Energy Exercises and give treatments.
  • I am also:
  • ABET Asian Bio Energetics practitioner / therapist
  • Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner for more than 10 years
  • Person doing Yoga regularly
  • Photographer, artist
  • I try to teach Reiki in a traditional non commercial way at my home, there are no prepays, your word is enough. All inquiries are taken seriously, if I answer with concrete dates please answer my email even if you are not interested, like that I can figure out my schedule.  No baskets or buying products, I don’t see a Reiki course as a product you can buy. Apart from the usual course content, there is also a teacher-student transmission that cannot be easily described in words. When I teach I try to share as much as possible of my own experience and guide the students towards their own personal practice.
  • Courses are taught in a relaxed atmosphere, mostly for one or two students, no big groups, never more than four except on request.


  • Hola me llamo Koko San. soy maestro de Reiki desde 2005, terapeuta de Bioenergetica Asiatica ABET, practicante de Chi Kung, Tai Chi y Yoga. Imparto cursos de Reiki, cursos de Ejercicios de Bioenergetica y doy tratamientos.

Reiki Courses all Levels


If I don’t answer your email in 3 days it probably got lost.
Please send a new one.



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