Asian Bio-Energetics A.B.E.T.

Asian Bio-Energetics is a combination of several asian holistic healing techniques, it will restore the natural energy fields of the body and activate your own healing energy.
This scientific treatment, developed by Dr Than Van Le during a period of some 30 years, is a combination of several oriental holistic healing techniques that are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnoses and no drugs for treatment. Bio-Energetics will restore the patients natural energy fields and healing powers, promote relaxation and healing and have a positive effect on the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

In Asian Bio-Energetics we combine the following treatments  :

  • diagnostics, meridian and moxa therapies of acupuncture from China (without needles,
  • the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BIDORT) from Japan,
  • the Magnet therapy and Piezo therapy from Japan,
  • the Healing Breathing from Tibet and
  • the deep relaxation of a Reiki Session.

These different but complementary therapies work on many different levels of the body.
Every treatment session is adapted to the patient’s needs of that moment and may take 1 to 2 hours.

1 thought on “A.B.E.T.

  1. Hi,
    Hope you are well.
    You treated me when I lived in Thailand 2011-2012 and I have used what you taught me and would like more. I just found you searching on the Net for you as i did not know where your details were. Last October i went to speak in Chiang Mai for a convention and tried to find you.
    I would like to know how long will it take to learn the ABET? I would like to use that modality with my work.
    With blessings.
    Salwa (Sally) was Fischmann now Abboud.
    With blessings.
    Salwa Abboud

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