Being Grounded

Being Grounded when giving Reiki but also in daily life is very important. There are many ways to ground yourself: you can visualize roots from your feet going deep in to the earth. eat. stand in a powerful position and make yourself heavy. walk around barefoot in your garden. go for a walk in nature. have a piece of copper in your pocket and play with it. sit on a pillow or chair with your hands facing down and intend to receive energy from mother earth. practice Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Pilates etc. ask the earth, your guides, your angels, to ground you. Search the internet for Grounding Techniques.  😉Image

What can unground you? spending to much time in front of your computer, energy work not done properly, being stressed, watching to much TV, playing video games for too long, being surrounded by electronic/electromagnetic devices in general, too much caffeine, not sleeping enough, being in artificial environments like malls.

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